Intuitive and Stylish Templates to Power Your Business

Bulletin Board helps manage your business through consistent and concise digital signage that you customize to reflect your brand identity. Create and edit messages faster and with less effort using this template-based application that is included with your FireSign account.

Give Visitors More of What They Want to Know

Keep your visitors informed and coming back by providing all the basic information about your business. Bulletin Board includes layout templates for creating and organizing the most common messages into a consistent visitor experience.

Bulletin Board includes
templates for communicating:

  • Announcements
  • Show Times
  • Menu Prices
  • Ticket Options
  • Daily Events
  • Weekly Schedules
  • Trivia Questions
  • Slide Shows
  • Videos

Less Clicking,
More Selling

Bulletin Board uses a web-based editor that allows you to create messages faster than ever before. Choose your message type. Fill in the details. Add your brand identity. Suddenly, you have a professional-looking digital signage segment that can be used to promote everything that your organization has to offer.

Timing is Everything

Provide visitors with accurate, up to the minute information using automated schedules, event lists, menu items and ticket prices. Bulletin Board even includes a built-in countdown timer to alert visitors to upcoming show times or tour departures.

Change Messages, Anytime, Anywhere

FireSign is a hosted platform that lets you create, edit or schedule messages from virtually any location. Some people call it "software as a service." We call it a great way to manage your business when you don't have time to sit behind a desk.



Bulletin Board is built for simplicity,
clarity, and ease of use.

(We hope you like those kinds of things.)

  • A Comprehensive Application
    We listen to your feedback. Bulletin Board was designed to meet the most common digital signage needs expressed by our customers over the past years.
  • The Basics Are Beautiful
    Down with cluttered screens—long live clarity. Bulletin Board presents your information in clear and concise formats that focus attention on you and your business.
  • Digital Signage Made Easy
    Bulletin Board uses pre-defined layouts and simple online forms, allowing non-technical users to quickly create professional-looking digital signage.
  • Online Training
    All of our FireSign customers have unlimited access to more than 50 online training videos. Any member of your staff can learn to create, edit and schedule your messages.
Learn more about what Bulletin Board can do for your business.

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