With real-time updates on your event programming, your patrons may never go home.

The FireSign Event Connector lets you automate your digital signage content by pulling real-time data from your third-party event management system or calendar XML feed. Now you can easily promote all your upcoming events to increase community support and participation.


Integrate Evanced Events or your calendar's XML feed for hands-free digital signage.
Create a custom display that includes a logo and background image.
Choose from five layouts for both horizontal and vertical screens.
Manage all the details with FireSign's web-based administration tools.

Connect to Evanced

Enter the account information for your Evanced system, and FireSign does the rest.

Once you enter your account information, you will be able to choose from any of your available datasets. Include all your event types, or filter events for a particular screen location. You may also set how far ahead you would like to promote events.

Connect to Your Calendar XML Feed

Simply add the URL for your calendar's XML, and FireSign provides mapping for your input fields.

FireSign also has the ability to connect Event Connector to virtually any system that generates an XML feed. After adding the calendar's URL, users can map their data fields to FireSign to ensure content is transferred and displayed effectively.

Add Your
Library's Identity

Upload your logo, customize
the background and select
accent colors.

Create a custom display using your existing brand assets. Include your logo in the header or sidebar, and then choose color options that reflect your brand standards. These built-in formatting options let you create a professional-looking display that maintains your library's identity.

Select a Screen Layout

The FireSign Event Connector Application includes multiple templates for both horizontal and vertical screens.

The built-in layout templates let you choose how you want to present your events. A scrolling list of events is ideal for a central location, but you might want to focus on a single event in the teen area. Either way, the choice is yours, and you can change the layout as often
as you like.

Manage All Your
Screens Online

Filter data and set schedules for any number of branches — all from
your browser.

FireSign's web-based administration tools let you manage any number of screens and users. Create and schedule event lists for each branch location, set power cycles to reduce energy costs (while extending the life of your equipment), and even share admin responsibilities with multiple branch managers. All in all, FireSign makes it easy to communicate with your patrons without overwhelming your staff.