FireSign Features

Access FireSign Dynamic Digital Signage over any internet platform

Web Access

Access FireSign™ over the web using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox on your PC. Online help is conveniently located on every screen.

Manage your content with FireSign Dynamic Digital Signage

Content Management

Build and organize a centralized library of media files including: .mov, .mpg, .rtf, .txt, .gif, .jpg, .png, .aif, .mp3, .wav, .swf and .htm.

Define and assign tags that allow you to organize media around keywords that make sense to you.

Create and edit unlimited messages. FireSign does not limit the number of media assets, segments or schedules you can create.

Use FireSign Dynamic Digital Signage software to display your events

Built-in Event List Utility

Easily keep daily messaging current by entering event details through a Web form that includes parameters for font color and size. Information regarding upcoming events will animate onto the screen, and expired events will automatically disappear.

Use FireSign Dynamic Digital Signage to schedule your content

Advanced Scheduling

Synchronize messages across all your screens, or customize each display by assigning unique content and schedules.

Schedules can be defined down to one-minute increments with start/end dates and repetition rules.

Quickly access details on past, present and future messages by day, week or list view. Generate reports on playback statistics including total playback time and locations.

Override your messages through FireSign Dynamic Digital Signage software

Override Messages

Respond to immediate communication needs by overriding previously scheduled messages with urgent or emergency notifications.

Your content is safe with FireSign Dynamic Digital Signage

No Blank Screens

The FireSign Player caches all data on the local hard drive, so you never have to worry about display screens going blank in the event of a network outage.

FireSign Dynamic Digital Signage software allows multiple users

Multiple User Permissions

Define user permissions to control access to content and projects within your digital signage network.

Securely manage your entire system with strong passwords. You can even define how often users need to set new passwords.

Track system access to easily identify logged-in users with details on their activity.

FireSign Dynamic Digital Signage manages your workflow

Workflow Management

Avoid duplicate work with check-in/check-out notifications.

Ensure messages have been reviewed and approved before they are presented on screen.

FireSign Dynamic Digital Signage manages hardware and network

Hardware and Network Management

Work with your network traffic--not against it--by setting parameters for FireSign Player updates and content refresh intervals.

Remotely control display hardware and Player PCs by defining power cycles and input sources.

FireSign Dynamic Digital Signage is flexible

Flexibility for the Future

Easily scale your system by adding new screen locations as you need them.

FireSign supports multiple screen orientations and works with any screen resolution available today or tomorrow.