Bring Your School
Spirit to Life

FireSign Hall Pass is a digital signage application that brings your WhippleHill Podium content to life inside the halls of your school. With the Hall Pass application, your Podium content is automatically transformed into clear, concise on-campus messaging for your students, parents and faculty.



FireSign has been a WhippleHill Ecosystem Partner since 2004.



Simply enter your Podium account information, and then select the content you would like to present. By accessing the information you already manage within Podium, the FireSign Hall Pass Application creates hands-off digital signage filled with the latest event schedules, news, announcements and sports scores.

The FireSign Hall Pass Application leverages your existing Podium content.

Announcements Display active announcements as featured items
News Display active news items as featured items
Calendar Events Display upcoming events in a daily or weekly view
Athletic Groups Display athletic schedules and results by day

Rally Behind Your Athletic Groups

Hall Pass works with Podium's Athletic Groups to present schedules and sports scores without redundant data entry. As your coaches update the team pages in Podium, FireSign automatically retrieves and formats the data for your digital signage.

Turn Podium Categories into Targeted Messages

FireSign lets you define multiple data sets based on your existing Podium content categories. These data sets may be used to tailor messages for specific locations or audiences, such as an upper campus or visiting parents. Combine data sets with FireSign's advanced scheduling feature to target specific groups down to the minute of each day.

10 Ways FireSign Makes Life Easier

for Private School Administrators:


Allow multiple content owners to contribute information through your existing Podium platform.


Impress prospective students with digital signage that is consistent with your web site and recruiting materials.


Automatic updates mean you never have to worry about putting up (and taking down) another poster, flyer or bulletin board again.


Remind students to plan ahead by promoting end of term deadlines and school events.


Manage all your content and hardware settings in one place—from virtually any location.


Reiterate important announcements and requests during parent visits.


Improve internal communications to keep faculty and staff on the same page.


Keep things simple with a hosted platform that does not require server hardware.


Entice new donors by easily creating messages that tout the contributions of supporting alumni.


Count on personal support from the FireSign team each time you call or email.

Key Features of FireSign Hall Pass

Nuts and Bolts of Using FireSign with Podium:

  • Display these WhippleHill Podium content types: news, announcements, athletic results, athletic schedules and events.
  • Mix and match more than a dozen layout templates for both horizontal and vertical screens.
  • Customize the background image, font attributes and accent colors for each layout.
  • Set the on-screen duration and repeat interval for each message.
  • Configure the number of days to look ahead or back, depending on the content type.
  • Tailor the content, design and schedule for any number of screen locations.
  • Define user permissions for any number of system administrators.
  • Adjust the data refresh interval to optimize network usage.
  • Podium data is cached on the local FireSign Player to avoid blank screens in the event of a network disruption.
  • No proprietary hardware is required. See the System Requirements page for additional information.
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