How FireSign Dynamic Digital Signage can help

Clear communication creates a more welcoming
and reassuring hospital environment for
patients and visitors.

FireSign™ Dynamic Digital Signage is a simple, yet powerful platform for enhancing communication throughout a healthcare facility or campus. With a library of web-based applications, a single FireSign system has the flexibility to provide interactive wayfinding, showcase centers of excellence or affiliated physician clinics, and promote retail services on our campus.

Ease Anxiety Through Interactive Wayfinding

The complexity of navigating a healthcare facility is compounded when visitors are distracted by concerns for themselves or for loved ones.

Brand Your Areas
of Expertise

FireSign helps reinforce a hospital's brand by showcasing centers of excellence to a captive audience. Areas of expertise come to life in a dynamic user interface that makes it easy to communicate complex information through interactive pictures, audio and video.

Promote Retail Areas Within Your Campus

Cafeterias, food courts, gift shops and other retail services are important to visitors. FireSign makes it simple to promote these services and get customers through the doors. Create and manage promotional messages, or automate menus by daypart for a modern retail experience that facilitates sales.

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