Turn a Complex Subject into a Meaningful Touchscreen Exhibit

This FireSign Application lets you create a touchscreen experience that brings complex ideas, places and objects to life. Organize and layer your media into a self-guided tour of physical locations, technical diagrams, abstract concepts and more. Every detail can be kept up-to-date through FireSign's web-based administration tool.

Build three levels of information.
Customize the location and
appearance of touchpoints.
Create a custom display that
reflects your brand standards.
Create and manage exhibits
through your browser.

Layer Your Story

The FireSign Interactive Guide Application includes three levels of navigation.

This hierarchy makes your information more digestible as visitors drill-down to specific details in your subject matter.

The FireSign Interactive Guide includes the following levels:
  • First Level:
    1 primary screen with up to 25 points of interest
  • Second Level:
    25 secondary screens with up to 25 touchpoints each
  • Third Level:
    625 tertiary screens with up to 100 entry images each

Each screen includes text fields for naming and describing your media.

Let visitors see and hear your story by attaching audio files to each screen. You can import narrations or supplementary audio for visitors to access on demand.

Add Interactive Touchpoints and Narration

Customize each point of touch and include optional audio.

For the primary and secondary screens, you can upload an image of your subject matter and place up to 25 points of interest anywhere on the screen. Each point of touch may be identified with text labels or your existing images.

Enable Accessible Navigation

Give visitors with limited reach access to all your interactivity.

Turn on the accessible navigation feature to instantly make your touchscreen content available to a greater number of visitors. When a visitor touches the handicap icon near the bottom of the screen, a strip of controls will appear. The numbers in the strip correspond to a set of buttons or touch areas on the screen. Touching a number in the strip is the same as touching the corresponding numbered item on the interface.

Customize Your Look

Create a custom display using your existing brand assets.

Use the built-in formatting options to add your logo to the header area, and then choose color combinations that reflect your brand standards. For a more custom look, upload your own background and button images to create a truly unique touchscreen display.

Build Your Own
Attract Loop

Attract visitors and prolong the life of your display.

An attract loop is similar to a screensaver for your FireSign system. Attract loops are useful for inviting visitors to interact with your content, and they also prolong the life of your screen by reducing image retention. Enter and format your title and prompt text, then select up to five images from your media library. These images will dissolve in and out at the duration you specify.

Update Information at Any Time

Create and manage exhibits through FireSign's web-based administration tool.

FireSign's web-based administration tool lets you update text, images and audio at any time. Your changes are automatically delivered to your touchscreen displays without any interruption to your visitors. You may even reuse your FireSign Interactive Guide Application to create entirely new exhibits.

The FireSign Interactive Guide Application is the perfect solution for creating your own touchscreen exhibit. Now you can build and manage a comprehensive virtual tour at a fraction of the cost for a traditional interactive exhibit.