FireSign Dyamic Digital Signage in Museums

Manage your digital installations, collaborate with your team and update your library experience in a more efficient way.

FireSign™ Dynamic Digital Signage is a web-based platform for remotely managing digital media installations throughout your library.

  • Manage hardware, software and content from virtually anywhere
  • Schedule content for any number and/or combination of screens
  • Collaborate with multiple staff members to contribute and approve content
  • Author digital messages and touchscreen content using online templates

Our Services:

  • Digital Signage Software
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Media Design and Production
  • Video and Animation Production
  • Audio/Video Equipment Procurement

Digital Signage

Promote your library with stylish signage that
is easy to maintain.


Automatically Promote Upcoming Events

Provide patrons with accurate, up-to-the-minute information using automated schedules for all your library programming. FireSign integrates with calendar management systems such as Evanced and Bedework to create hands-off digital signage that reduces the burden on your staff.


Interactive wayfinding screens help visitors discover everything your library has to offer.

Direct Patrons Throughout Your Library

Is your library facility complex or recently renovated? FireSign offers touchscreen applications that guide your patrons to every corner of your facility. Our online tools allow you to update interactive maps and upload walking directions to all your locations and events.


Rally Community Support

The support of your service population is crucial to sustaining and growing your library. FireSign helps you solicit both financial and volunteer support through dynamic images, text and videos that communicate your needs with visual impact.

Touchscreen Exhibits

Create meaningful connections to the stories and objects that make your library unique.


Showcase Special Collections in Small Spaces

Bring your archived or special collections to the forefront through interactive exhibits that allow patrons to explore first editions, manuscripts or recorded assets in amazing detail. Touchscreen applications are a great way to optimize your small or underutilized spaces by showcasing a vast number of items in a minimal footprint.


We created the FireSign platform to make it easy for librarians to curate interactive exhibits.

Celebrate Your Local Community

Share stories about your community through engaging exhibits that bring landmarks, historical figures and past events back to life. When your exhibits are powered by our FireSign platform, you have access to web-based tools for updating your existing exhibits or creating entirely new exhibits at any time. Collaborate with your entire staff to create rotating exhibits that keep patrons coming back to learn more.

Need help transforming your library experience?

For over twenty years, we have been communicating in the fields of information design and interactive media.

Our team works with architects, exhibit designers, fabricators, curators and librarians to address the unique needs of public libraries, academic institutions and cultural centers. By merging creativity and technology, we create experiences that keep your library relevant with today's media savvy patrons. Our deliberate, strategic approach to integrating interactive media into your library environment helps you attract patrons, grow circulation and create life-long learners in the community.

FireSign is the product of Anode, Inc., a creative studio specializing in digital media for physical spaces.

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