FireSign Dyamic Digital Signage in Museums

Manage your digital installations, collaborate with your team and update your museum experience in a more efficient way.

FireSign™ Dynamic Digital Signage is a web-based platform for remotely managing digital media installations throughout your museum.

  • Manage hardware, software and content from virtually anywhere
  • Schedule content for any number and/or combination of screens
  • Collaborate with multiple staff members to contribute and approve content
  • Author digital messages and touchscreen content using online templates

Our Services:

  • Digital Signage Software
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Media Design and Production
  • Video and Animation Production
  • Audio/Video Equipment Procurement

Visitor Information

Ticketing, wayfinding and event promotion are essential tasks for your museum operation.


Alert Patrons to Upcoming Show
Times and Tours

Provide visitors with accurate, up-to-the-minute information using automated schedules for all your museum programming. FireSign includes built-in features such as countdown timers to capture attention and motivate visitors.


Promote Memberships and Revenue Centers

Memberships, donations and retail sales are critical to sustaining your museum. FireSign makes it simple to promote these sources of revenue through dynamic images, text and videos that solicit financial support and facilitate sales.


Expedite Sales at the
Ticket Window

From the moment visitors enter your facility, digital signage is an effective tool for communicating entry fees, special tours, and useful information to ensure that visitors get the most out of their time. Your patrons will arrive at the ticket counter ready to make informed purchases, leading to shorter wait times and greater satisfaction.

Our FireSign Bulletin Board Application includes templates for communicating all there is to see and do at your facility.

Touchscreen Exhibits

Create meaningful connections to the ideas, images
and objects that tell your story.


Showcase Large Collections in Small Spaces

Imagine putting your entire collection on display without the limitations of physical gallery space. Touchscreen exhibits optimize your small or underutilized spaces by showcasing a vast number of artifacts in a minimal footprint. Allow visitors to explore paintings, sculptures or recorded assets through a virtual gallery or jukebox that provides amazing detail without compromising the preservation of your artifacts.


Share Complex Stories, Ideas and Places

Tell better stories by layering complex information into intuitive interactive experiences that visitors explore and digest at their own pace. Satisfy a variety of learning styles through interactive text, images and sounds that bring physical objects, technical diagrams or abstract concepts to life.


Update Temporary Exhibit Spaces
with Fresh Content

When your exhibits are powered by our FireSign platform, you have access to web-based tools for updating your existing exhibits or creating entirely new exhibits at any time. Collaborate with your entire staff to create rotating exhibits that keep visitors coming back year after year.

Need help transforming your museum experience?

For over twenty years, we have been communicating in the fields of information design and interactive media.

Our team works with architects, exhibit designers, fabricators and curators to create unique visitor experiences in museums, science centers and cultural institutions. By merging creativity and technology, we create experiences that keep your museum relevant with today's media savvy patrons. Our deliberate, strategic approach to integrating interactive media into your museum environment helps you attract attention, grow attendance and fulfill your mission.

FireSign is the product of Anode, Inc., a creative studio specializing in digital media for physical spaces.

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